1. do not collect fee or payment from the membership, all payments done directly from member to member account, and member be able to approve or deny their referral payments from their member area without administrator interfere.
  2. using 1-up system for the marketing plan, it mean member need to be qualified (send first paid referral to their sponsor) before start receiving payment from their next referrals and onward. Only paid referral considered as qualifier, as long as sponsor is not qualified, their new referrals will be pass-up to their sponsor, although later these referrals become active or paid.
Present condition:
  1. Sponsor who do not understand how the system work accuse why they do not receive payment from their new referrals. If members do not qualified or inactive or do not complete the payment or payment option, system will choose random active and qualified sponsor for new referrals.
  2. Too many fake or unpaid accounts due to the fact that registration is free and do not collect any fee from membership.
  3. Some abuse to the system by self-referring, false and black campaign, and fake referral for qualifier.
We close the program for temporary while we prepare the update. We will be adjust the marketing plan to reduce and avoid any issue for new and existing members.
Some ideas and plan we currently have are:
Please keep visit this page regularly to get update.