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MassiveGold is set to break all records in the online opportunity and you are invited to join now. This runs CIRCLES around any business yet seen, even MLM, forced matrixes, binary plans, Member Get Member, board system, recycling plans, cash evolutions, resellers, ultimate programs or linear structure plans...

Become a MassiveGold Member to help distribute the MassiveGold Services and Profits Package, and receive a position in the revolutionary MassiveGold 1-Up Qualifier system and combination Rapid Reward System.

Introduce others and receive $15 from all of your members' first referral and also $15 from ALL of their first referral to INFINITY.

...YES! Simple math quote it as $15 x n x n earning opportunity.


MassiveGold Ads Pack - Advertising Service by MassiveGold

1-Up Referral - $15 to INFINITY and DIRECTLY to your account!

Daily Reward - Unlimited $50

Weekly Reward - Unlimited $250

Sales Reward - Up to 50%

Complete split board* - Unlimited $500 x2

Full Referral structure* - USD $25,000 over and over

*) Optional - Rapid Reward System



How we will work it out.

The only you need to do is signup and purchase the Ads Pack for $20 only, and you can publish your ads and promote your own site and business. We also provide you with a membership account for free and you can start to refer others to get benefits and earn commission from the referrals program.

It is a one-time payment for 2 years Ads Pack access and Free membership. No daily, weekly, or monthly fees!




Thank God for MassiveGold. MassiveGold has really helped me financially and has given me the freedom i deserved. This business is HOT CAKE,and is the most fastest growing business i have ever come across. So you too can be a successful business man. See u at the top.




Here is the interesting part!

After having your first direct referral (your 1-up referral), you are qualified to receive payment from other new members. In other words, you start earning with your second referrals onwards and paid DIRECTLY to your account!

Your first referral is considered as your 1-up referral (qualifier) and you are not earning anything from him/her. You will receive payment from next members after the 1-up referral.


The combination of the 1-Up and the Rapid Reward System
makes MassiveGold the most exciting reward program devised in history...


1-up system



Consider this scenario:

You purchase Ads Pack and join MassiveGold today.

You refer Linda and she is your 1-up referral (Linda as your qualifier, to earn unlimited $15).

Then you refer Ted, you earn $15. Ted refer Kery, you earn $15. Kery refer Tobi, you earn $15.

Next, you refer Rose, you earn $15. Rose refer Ori, you earn $15. Ori refer Kia, you earn $15.

You can refer unlimited number of personal referrals, and you will have unlimited number of indirect referrals an unlimited $15 earning, directly to your account!




Your program remains one of the most exciting I have experienced so for on the internet. Makes making money and connecting people as easy as ABC. Please keep it up!

Anthony Ebeh



Below is an outline of the MassiveGold system so you can easily understand how to join

Follow the directions below and you'll be on the way to publish your ads, promote your site or business, and making $10,000 or more because most people respond due to low ads investment and high potential.


Register and purchase the MassiveGold Ads Package by sending the $5 payment to the Company and $15 directly to your Sponsor account (Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, or others available accounts).


You receive a private member only area to access your Ads Pack and also get a web site just like this one to share with others.


Earn $15 for each referral your introduce except for the first referral.


You will earn $15 from all of your members' first referral and all of their first referral to INFINITY and directly to your account.


Actively refer new referrals and join Rapid Reward program to qualify for additional earning and also reward up to USD $25,000 (see MassiveGold marketing plan and rapid reward system).


You can earn $15 x $15 to INFINITY directly to your account!
for a ONE TIME out of pocket expense of only $20 USD

Available payment options are Bitcoin and PerfectMoney and others


Our Goal is to Create Wealth For ALL Our Members!!

Many thousands of people are looking for a program just like this every day. All you have to do is direct them to this site.

How many people do you think would take advantage of this amazing opportunity? How many of them do you want in your personal organization? You better act quickly then!

More than 2 billion people use the Internet and most of them are looking to create a source of ongoing residual income.

We provide the ABSOLUTE best and easiest way to do that. Act quickly and take advantage of this amazing opportunity!


Your $20 buy MassiveGold package ($450 values) and builds your private membership through existing customer as affiliate and referral program,
which would normally cost thousands $$$ to set up. We are online since 2003. Please read our
terms and policies.



Give it a trail.......and it will convince you

Its still the best online money making machine i tell you, your story will never be the same. Here in massivegold you are going to experience the best means to make money online without stress. Am a living witness to this....................keep on the Good Work Massivegold

Bode Mary


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